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Avinash Kumar

From the Director's Desk

If one aspires to be at position of power and help people, law is a profession provides the best platform. Today, from corporate jobs in firms and media to being enterpreneurs and rolling out start ups, lawyers have now moved many moons away from the conventional and are very much part of the modern industrialised set up as gone are the days when black robes and court rooms were the only bread and butter of lawyers.

Out of many shades of this noble profession the best part is you never retire. In fact efficiency as a professional growth with your age.

So, if you are smart, presentable and not scared to voice your opinion, law is definitely the career you should consider and we the Chanakya Clat Classes family, are more than happy to guide you along the way.

6 Times CLAT Toppers (Bihar) Since It's Establishment In 2010.
4 Times BLAT Toppers (Bihar) Since It Started In 2014.
More than 1500 students in various NLU's in 11 years.
More than 10000 students in other reputed law colleges.
Only institute in Bihar to gives more than five students in AILET in 2013.
Only institute in which is completely managed and guided by NLU's graduates.
Course structure and content developed by subject experts and practicing lawyers.
Last but not the least, past results in our testimony to success.

Our Vission

Chanakya Clat Classes aim to develop an interactive student oriented approach so that CLAT aspirants may have the requisite knowledge and analytical skills to crack the elite exam. Our focus would be to imbibe in the CLAT aspirants the necessary skill which they require to manoeuvre the maze of questions posed in the CLAT within the timeframe provided.

Our Mission

Chanakya Clat Classes aim to develop an interactive student oriented approach so that CLAT aspirants may have the requisite knowledge and analytical skills to crack the elite exam. Our focus would be to imbibe in the CLAT aspirants the necessary skill which they require to manoeuvre the maze of questions posed in the CLAT within the timeframe provided.




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Amit Kumar

South Alian University AIR 1 2017 (Boring Road Branch 2015)

An extraordinary experience. My experience at CHANAKYA CLAT CLASSES has been transcendental - I've transformed as a person overall. Thank you Avinash Bhaiya.


Law School, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi CLAT 2019 AIR 1223 (79* OBC) MHCET 2019 390 (KANKARBAGH BRANCH , 2019) BLAT 2019 AIR 3 (1* OBC)

My rank in itself corroborates the veracity of inexplicable support and counsel of the CCC Family. Right from the beginning, it was an enthralling experience studying there with rigorous preparation strategies, methodical mock papers and having carpe diem moments. The lucid and homely way of teaching by the purpose-driven faculties at CCC, was an out-and-out perfect junction to turn any law aspirant into an ingenious legist.



It is said that it's the supreme art of a mentor to awaken joy in the process of disseminating knowledge and nurturing creativity. CHANAKYA CLAT CLASSES blessed me with the one and only Avinash Sir,who helped me in improving my weak spots and polish my strong ones. We had regular classes with the expert faculties to look into our tiniest problems. The faculty is top notch. All in all, a great environment to prepare for law entrance examinations. A hearty thank you to my CCC Family.



CHANAKYA CLAT CLASSES has been instrumental in my CLAT Preparation since day one. It was a "do or die" situation for me and I put all my trust in Avinash Sir and my CCC Family which clearly worked for me. From the "not so easy" test series to the material and the books, everything is made by experts, reason why a rank in BHU didn't come as a surprise to me. All the other faculty members are very helpful and supportive in this aspect. I'd recommend CHANAKYA CLAT CLASSES to every CLAT aspirant. Thank you CCC for making it possible for me!!


AILET AIR 25, CLAT AIR 74, JAMIA AIR 1 (Boring Road Branch Branch ,2017)

CHANAKYA CLAT CLASSES played a very big role in my success. The teachers are friendly and I would really like to thank all the faculties who solved hundreds of my doubts in CLASSROOM PROGRAMM. GK notes provided by the team CCC is more than enough for GK section. The coaching material is perfect and covers everything ranging from the most basic to the advanced questions that CLAT and AILET can ask. The mock series is perfect covering all that can come in CLAT and AILET. Thanks a ton to Avinash Sir.



It was really an enriching experience with CHANAKYA CLAT CLASSES. I have cracked the AILET securing 44th rank all over India to join the National Law University; Delhi. Thank you Avinash Sir & team, who helped me a lot to get through. The planning team is extremely helpful and flexible too. Obliged to Dear Avinash Sir.

Aakarshan Agrawal


I made into NLU Nagpur in spite of very less time i.e just 18 days in the month of April 2018 . For preparing such an examination with proper guidance, I got in touch with multiple law related topics by Avinash Sir which formed a base of legal knowledge required for exam and successful. I got all the legal reasoning correct in the CLAT exam. Also, tips of Gyanveer Sir for blood relation based questions helped a lot. Dutta Sir's dairy milk challenge is awesome to lure students to solve quickly. However, Sir never gave it 😂😂😂. Overall that was a great experience. Those days are still memorable.

Rudra Lika

University of Leicester, London. (BORING ROAD BRANCH,2019)

I had a pleasant time in Chanakya CLAT Classes. The teachers were so friendly and knowledgeable. I learned a lot of things from there, which helped me in my education and personality. I did a crash course in 2017 and after that I did full course till 2018. Now, I’m a second year Law with Criminology student in University of Leicester, UK. The University is ranked 201-301 in the world and Top 30 in the UK in the Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU), known as the Shanghai Rankings. Leicester is placed 223rd in the 2019 QS World University Rankings, up an impressive 15 places from the previous year. I am glad to be an alumni of Chanakya CLAT Classes.



For me it is “Avinash Bhaiya” and his motivation which worked. My exposure at CHANAKYA CLAT CLASSES was very brief and since then institute has evolved in its capacity and endeavor. Guidance which I received there , was indeed decisive in my CLAT performance. The one thing that sets CHANAKYA CLAT CLASSES apart is their flexibility, accessibility and student friendly approach. They left no grievance unaddressed. Avinash Sir , Dutta Sir , Gyanveer Sir & all the teachers in whom I found great mentors, reassured me every step of the way. It helped me to build confidence and faith in myself. Eternally grateful to team CCC.



Studying at CHANAKYA CLAT CLASSES was an experience in itself. The support that I got from the teachers especially from Avinash Bhaiya and everyone at faculty helped me to focus only on my studies in order to crack CLAT. I enjoyed each and every class and everything was so well balanced and well thought out that it helped so much in overall preparation for CLAT.



I thank CHANAKYA CLAT CLASSES for the role it played in my selection to the CHANAKYA NATIONAL LAW UNIVERSITY,PATNA. The comprehensive study material, Mocks, Current Affairs, and one-on-one doubt sessions made sure that I was fully prepared for D-Day. No one can even match the Teaching techniques of all the teachers in CCC.


Chanakya National Law University, Patna (Batch of 2019-24).

My name is Akshita, and I'm studying B.B.A LL.B (Hons.) from Chanakya National Law University, Patna (Batch of 2019-24). I have joined CHANAKYA CLAT CLASSES in 2018. jects and I found Abhishek Sir is the best Maths teacher till date.